Live Stream and Voting Instructions

WNCC Annual Conference 2020


Annual Conference, just like much of the world, looks a lot different this year. Our first and top priority has always been to ensure maximum accessibility for a wide range of people. Below you will find tips, tricks, and detailed instructions for viewing and voting in this Annual Conference.

-Chris Hampton, Director of Web and Database Administration

  • If you have any difficulty voting or viewing the livestream, please open a ticket by sending an email to or by clicking the "Help" in the bottom right of this page. We are unable to facilitate calls during this time and will get to you as quickly as possible. Please note that because the livestream has no log-in or registration, there is little IT help we can provide, but we will do our best.
    • Please include your name, church/charge, and district in your email, so we may help you as quickly as possible.
    • IMPORTANT: We are unable to substitute voters. The help desk is only able to provide clarification for your questions or to assist you in getting to your ballot. We are unable to reset ballots, and if you give your link to someone else, we are unable to issue you a new one.
  • If you have a general question, please submit it through our Annual Conference Q&A portal by clicking this link.
  • Attendance will be tracked through voting, not the livestream. A cast ballot indicates you were present.

Livestream - August 8th at 1pm

We will livestream Annual Conference on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. The YouTube Live stream will be available from our website at

  • No login is required to view. Just like other Annual Conferences, anyone is welcome to watch. Annual Conference will also be recorded for later viewing.
  • Following the new rules voted on by the mail in ballot (found at, we are not able to honor speaking from the floor or any amendments or deletions to petitions.  Delegate participation will involve up and down voting. (See instructions below.)
  • Because there is no login or any participation needed for the live stream, there will be very little technical assistance IT can provide during this time. We highly recommend being near a strong internet connection to view Annual Conference, and if possible, hardwire in by ethernet cable.

Streaming Platforms

  • Western NC Conference Website. (Recommended):
  • Facebook Live:
    • If you are joining by Facebook Live, you can find us by “Liking” the WNCC-UMC Facebook page ( When we go live, you can either go to our Facebook page or go to “Watch” in the Facebook application and find Western NC Conference in the “Watch List.” (The same is true for mobile, but you may find it in a different location)
    • This link provides some useful assistance for issues viewing Facebook Live. The search bar at the top can help find your unique problem.
  • YouTube Live: 
    • The link to view through this platform is:
    • If you would like, you can set a reminder by going to the above link, and clicking the “Set Reminder” button.
    • This link provides some helpful topics to help troubleshoot if the video isn’t playing on Youtube Live. 

Election Voting (via ElectionBuddy)

  • Our voting WILL NOT be in real time this year. However, we will cover all of the material during our livestream.
  • Voting will be ballot based. All questions will be available when you go to vote. 
  • You may vote from the time the poll is open (around 2pm on August 8th) until 11:59pm on August 8th. You DO NOT have to vote during the livestream.
  • Each voter will be assigned a unique link to go to to vote. 
    • VERY IMPORTANT: Do not share your link. The link will only work for one ballot and one ballot only. If you give out your link and they vote using it, we will not be able to issue you another ballot link.
  • Voting results will be made available on August 20 to allow for the mail in votes to come in and be counted. 
  • If you opted-in for mail in voting, you will receive your ballot in the mail by August 5. Please have your return ballot postmarked by August 12.
  • If you receive a mail in ballot, and you vote online, your online ballot will be used in the final count, not your mail in ballot. Only one vote per person.
  • We are offering 3 ways to obtain your link to vote:
    • ElectionBuddy will send an email out to you at the time the election opens. It will include the link. Please check your spam folder.
    • Each annual conference member will receive an email from Chris Hampton with your voting link on July 30th and a follow up on August 4th.
    • You may also contact your District Office Administrator for the link.
    • Clergy Only: Clergy may find their link in their clergy dashboard.

To Vote

  • Click the link provided via the methods above. You will be sent to the ballot. 
    • Voting will open AFTER the Annual Conference session begins.
  • Each question’s format is Yes/No. Answer each question and select “Verify Your Selection”


  • You will then be asked to verify your answers. If everything looks correct, hit the “Submit Ballot”

  • A confirmation code will be given when you submit. You may save that if you like.

IMPORTANT: Once you have voted, the link will no longer work. We cannot reset ballots once they have been submitted. Please make your selections correctly before submitting your ballot