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Teams will continue the work started in 2017 to build a new sanctuary to replace the existing abode structure that has been outgrown and deemed unsafe by the local government. Teams will continue to work side by side with the local congregation to enhance their ability to reach out to the community through worship opportunities and ministries to help the local people.
The church has over 300 members and is one of the largest and fastest growing Methodist churches in Guatemala. It is a central part of this community and the building is used for worship, as a community center, and as a health clinic for the surrounding area. Stove and water filter ministries also work out of building to improve the health and well-being of the community.
By replacing the existing sanctuary with a safer and larger building, they can continue to grow and reach more unchurched members of the community. This church has partnered with Building Teams in fund raising, labor, and worship.
In 2019, teams will continue construction by pouring concrete floors, installing windows and doors, applying stucco, and painting.
The site is in the highlands of Guatemala and is about 6 hours from the airport and 45 minutes for Chichicastentango. The elevation if 6,500 feet above sea level. Meals will be prepared by members of the VIM staff. Teams will stay on site in the existing sanctuary building.



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Project Sponsor WNCC Volunteers in Mission - Building Teams
People Served The residents of Xepocol
Contact Carol Bateman
Phone 704-714-2339

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