Michael Rich

Communications | Resource Center | Receptionist
Director of Communications
Michael Rich has been working on the Conference Staff in various roles since 2012. He is an ordained elder in the conference, and has served in a variety of appointments and situations since 1985 when he was ordained a deacon.

Along with serving as the Director of Communications, Michael also serves Faith United Methodist Church in Waynesville, NC, a small membership church with a big heart and a passion for serving its community.

Some of his responsibilities include:
  • Managing the website(s) of the Western North Carolina Conference (Ken Perry and his staff handle wnccadmin.org)
  • Managing social media: Facebook and Twitter, as well as YouTube and Flickr
  • Managing all of the News, Careers, Conference Blog (others write the weekly pieces) and Calendar (though with this new edition of the website, there will be more persons involved in the process)
  • Assisting with wnccumc.net mail accounts for clergy in the conference
  • Working with contractors to produce various media projects for the conference
  • Providing training and consultation for districts and other conference organizations on communications topics
  • Crisis communication and handling press and media contacts for the conference in different scenarios
  • Running news and media operations for Annual Conference
  • Liaison with national bodies and organizations in the area of communications
  • Serving with the Extended Cabinet for the good of the entire conference
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