Ken Perry

Information Technology
Director of Information Technology
The Director of Information Technologies leads a team who is responsible for computer and systems resources for the Western North Carolina Conference. The team strives to keep the conference on the cutting edge of information technologies, automate and make conference information systems more efficient, protect the conference from all the malicious malware that is looking to damage and/or steal valuable information, and provide a seamless system to further the work of making Disciples for Jesus Christ.

Ken has spent his entire career in the information technology world. After attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Ken worked many years for companies and organizations such as Unisys, Boeing, the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, and the Electrical Power Research Institute. Most of his work involved scientific applications. After that Ken ran his own company for 18 years slowly migrating from science to the business world. It was during this time, in 1999, that Ken started working on projects for the Western North Carolina Conference. In January 2013 Ken ended his own business and became Director of IT for the conference.
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