Sponsored Offerings

The Western North Carolina Conference Leadership Development Team offers workshops to increase the leadership capabilities of clergy and ministry professionals. Check out the current workshops available.ws4w3

Leadership Engagement Live Webinar Series

Registration open - 3 webinars: Oct. 3, Oct. 31, Dec 6. 

he Leadership Development Team invites you to a Live Webinar Series where you can connect with one another in ministry, imagine what your future is and could be in the United Methodist Church, and engage in missions and ministries that can better our world...

Clergy Care Through Service

Serving others can provide perspective.  Hard work encourages a good night’s sleep which can result in rest.  Working alongside others builds community. Clergy and Ministry Professionals are invited to spend time serving in Haywood County to do flood relief...

Preferred Provider Scholarship Opportunities

The Western North Carolina Conference Leadership Development Team encourages the growth and development of clergy and lay ministry professionals.  They have identified a list of providers that are offering formational experiences to meet currently identified leadership needs. Once you have registered for the workshop, webinar, or offering and made full payment, you can be reimbursed for approximately 2/3 of the cost. You will submit your registration confirmation or receipt for reimbursement.

"Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset" Workshop

Changing the culture in our communities where people shift from an “inward mindset” (self) to an “outward mindset” (others) and experience growth in relationships, collaboration, engagement, and accountability.

Workshops are being offered virtually.

The DIOM team would love to do a training with your Sunday school class, leadership team, or staff.