Sponsored Offerings

The Western North Carolina Conference Leadership Development Team offers workshops to increase the leadership capabilities of clergy and ministry professionals. Check out the current workshops available.

Provocative Hope

A 16-week virtual course from August 12 – November 15, 2019.

This course will develop each leaders' capacity to lead their churches using Appreciative Inquiry so that their churches would reclaim God's dream for their congregation and begin to live into that dream...

Mentoring Pew Sitters Into Servant Leaders

A 3-part workshop series on Sept. 17, Oct 15 & November 12, 2019.

It can be discouraging finding a church of pew-sitters when we need servant leaders. There is a better way which involves a relational and vocational approach through a mentoring ministry. You are invited to participate in this workshop and engage in a dialog that seeks this better way...

Seven Strategies to Navigate Change

October 16 and 17, 2019
Using a mixture of lecture, small and large group discussion, and a case study, participants will leave this highly interactive experience with a concrete action plan for initiating and/or navigating an important change in their church, a change that will enable the church to better fulfill its mission.

Preaching Cohorts

  • Preaching As...​

    • 7 sessions meeting once a month from September, 2019-April 2020.
    • The goals of this peer learning experience are to grow in our understanding, practice, and perspective of preaching so that our preaching will be enriched and our sermons will find deeper connections with the hearts of our parishioners. And to grow in our understanding of ourselves as preachers. 
  • Preaching – To bring the bible to life

    • 9 Sessions meeting once a month September 2019 – June 2020 (Skipping December).
    • The goal of this peer learning experience is to grow and help one another grow in our ability to preach Bible-based, Spirit-empowered, prayer drenched, RELEVANT sermons.  
  • Making the Timeless Word Timely​

    • 8 Sessions meeting once a month from September 3, 2019 – April 2020.
    • This course will examine how we exegete and proclaim scripture in such fashion that it bridges the gap between the world of the Bible and the world of the hearer, sharing a timeless faith and making a timely impact.

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