Sponsored Offerings

The Western North Carolina Conference Leadership Development Team offers workshops to increase the leadership capabilities of clergy and ministry professionals. Check out the current workshops available.

Using Influence to Manage Change and Transition

October 4-5, 2018

This two-day workshop has been carefully designed to provide clergy and lay leaders the abilities and insights they need to more effectively influence and manage change in their church.....

Great Ministry in the Second Half of Life

October 22-26, 2018

Great Ministry in the Second-Half of Life is designed for ministry leaders over the age of 50 with a minimum of 10 years of service to the church. In a beautiful retreat setting, we will examine research about mid-career, reflect on our own lives and passions, and talk with God and each other about how to find meaning, balance, joy, and success at mid-career and beyond....

Mindset First: How To Achieve Conflict Transformation

October 23, 2018

People and organizations achieve results by maximizing the extent to which they work with an “outward mindset,” taking into account their impact on others and focusing on the needs of the organization as a whole. 
 This session will help individuals and teams move from the default self-focus of an "inward mindset” (which invites resistance and conflict) to the mission-focus of an outward mindset....


  • Preaching Well: Purposeful and Intentional Preaching 

    • Led by Robert W. Brewer, Th.D. Begins September 25, 2018
    • This program is intended to support and encourage preachers to engage in self-reflection through peer mentoring and consultation in order to become more effective communicators of the gospel.....
    • This cohort is full and registration is closed.
  • Preaching – To Bring the Bible to Life

    • By Rev. Jan Brittain. Begins September 13, 2018
    • Powerful Biblical preaching helps people understand, claim and apply those directions in ways that are relevant to their everyday living. The goal of this peer learning experience is to grow and help one another grow in our ability to preach Bible-based, Spirit-empowered, prayer drenched, RELEVANT sermons....
    • This cohort is full and registration is closed.
  • Prophetic Preaching 

    • By Rev. Dr. Rodney Sadler. Begins September 25, 2018
    • There are churches in every community across our nation. Still, poverty, racial disparity, xenophobia, greed, hatred, and a host of other injustices persist. Is it that the church has proven ineffective as a source of delivering, “Thus says YHWH” in response to the world?...
    • Spaces are still available. 


Begins September 17, 2018

INVE$T YC (Young Clergy) is designed to help clergy be pro-active instead of re-active by promoting financial health and personal practices...

Partnering with Laity: Improving Culture and Processes to Achieve Excellence

November 5-6, 2018

You are invited to join John Dyer, a life-long member of the United Methodist Church with over 30 years of experience helping organizations achieve their improvement goals, in a two-part training event...


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