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How to Foster an Innovative Mindset at Your Organization

Leadership Development
Leading In Community
How Do You Respond to a New Idea? What happens at work when you’re presented with a new idea? Do you play devil’s advocate, punching holes in the idea or pointing out roadblocks? Do you shut it down ...

Imagination and Leadership

Leadership Development
Leading In Community
by David Peck, Principal and Executive Coach, Goodstone Group, LLC Couple an active imagination with a healthy amount of pragmatism, and you will move mountains. Whether you’re a facilities manager, ...

AE Sloan Leadership: Todd Bolsinger offerings

Innovation and Change
Leadership Development
Leading In Community
AE Sloan Leadership offers coaching, consulting speaking and books from Tod Bolsinger.  The Leadership Development team encourages you to take advantage of these workshops and coaching opportunities....

Spiritual Renewal Grant for Clergy and Lay Ministry Professionals, Fall 2022

Financial Resources
Lay Ministry Professionals
Leadership Development
Spiritual Care
Ministry leaders are exhausted and in need of time away to recharge.  The LDT wants to help nurture your own spiritual health, as you nurture the spiritual walks of others.  Ministry leaders (clergy and lay professionals) who sign up for a Spiritual Renewal offering, and pay a personal investment of $50 toward the experience, are eligible for up to $500 for a private retreat, engaging with a spiritual director, or going to a structured spiritual retreat.  Visit the Spiritual Renewal Grant Page to learn more about the options available!

Music Copyright License FAQs

Music Ministry
Remote Worship Ideas and Resources
Resources for Worship
Do you need a license for the music you use in worship, youth group, or other church-sponsored events? If so, how do you obtain the proper license(s)? Find answers to your frequently asked questions about music and video licenses here.

Upper Room Two-to-Five Days Academies 2022

Leadership Development
For all who hunger for deep spiritual experience. What are Shorter Academies? (Formerly known as the Five-Day Academy.)   A “taste” of the Two-Year Academy for Spiritual...
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