Whose meeting is this? A simple checklist

August 3, 2022

by Seth Godin, founder of Akimbo, home of the altMBA.

Can your next meeting (not conversation, not presentation, but meeting) pass this test?

  1. There's one person responsible.
  2. The time allocated matches what's needed, not what the calendar app says.
  3. Everyone invited is someone who needs to be there, and no key party is missing.
  4. There's a default step forward if someone doesn't come.
  5. There's no better way to move this forward than to have this meeting.
  6. The desired outcome is clearly stated. The organizer has described what would have to happen for the meeting to be cancelled or to stop midway. "This is what I want to happen," and if there's a "yes," we're done.
  7. All relevant information, including analysis, is available to all in plenty of time to be reviewed in advance.
If you score a seven, count me in.

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