Using Influence to Manage Change and Transition

August 13, 2018

A Workshop for Clergy and Lay Leaders
October 4-5, 2018
Catholic Conference Center, Hickory
$50 Registration (includes single room and meals); Limited to 20 participants

A primary task of leaders is to initiate lasting and useful change in their congregations. Doing this effectively is hard, difficult work – it requires well-honed skills and perspectives. This two-day workshop has been carefully designed to provide clergy and lay leaders the abilities and insights they need to more effectively influence and manage change in their church.

Participants will understand different sources of influence, will be better equipped to handle resistance to change, will understand the difference in change and transition, will know the difference in technical and adaptive change, and they will develop a concrete action plan for initiating and/or navigating an actual or needed change in the church.

Ideally, a clergy leader and a lay leader from a church will participate in this workshop together. If this is not possible, clergy leaders are encouraged to participate by themselves.

The leader of this workshop is Russ Moxley. Russ is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership and a principal of Moxley & Associates, LLC. An ordained United Methodist minister, for the past 19 years Russ has co-led the Reynolds Program in Church Leadership. He is the author of Becoming a Leader is Becoming Yourself (2015) and Leadership and Spirit (1999).

For more information, please contact Russ at or at 336-210-3822.

Please plan your arrival by 9:45 am to allow time for registration prior to the 10:00 am start time on Thursday, October 4, 2018, at the Catholic Conference Center in Hickory, NC. The workshop will conclude by 3:00 pm on Friday, October 5.

A single room will be provided for your stay, and you will have an opportunity to check in at an afternoon break. Additional details will be sent to you after registration, prior to the workshop.

An offering of the Leadership Development Team of WNCC, re-investing local church apportionment dollars into Western North Carolina leaders
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