The Ultimate ReLaunch Playbook Webinar Recording

July 14, 2021

A digital recording of the webinar hosted by the WNC Leadership Development Team on Wednesday, June 23.
During this webinar facilitated by bestselling author, Kay Kotan, you will discover the opportunities available during this time of disruption to RElaunch your church into the community.  Whether your church never left your building, you are already back in your building or have yet to re-open your building, this webinar is for you!  In this packed 2 hour experience you will learn:
  • How to use this time to REset your church
  • REcalibrate to a new season in the church
  • RElate in a new way with the already gathered, newly gathered, and yet to be gathered
  • REcommit to the mission field
  • RElaunch your church into the community
This webinar is for:
  • Leaders thinking about what it means to be the local church and how to show up differently in the community as both a faith community and as a disciple
  • Those who have already opened their doors and are thinking toward the future
  • And those who are still figuring it all out.
The fee to access the webinar recording is $25
The webinar recording can be viewed anytime, as many times as desired, after paying the access fee.  It may be viewed by individuals or by groups, without limitation.  We encourage you to meet at the church and engage together! 
The webinar recording is not subject to limitations, but we do ask for an access fee to be paid, just as those who registered for the original webinar paid a fee for their individual or church participation.  If you are interested in sharing the webinar with another pastor, church, or group, please share this page for them to also pay the access fee.
ReLaunch is the bonus section of Kay Kotan's book, Being the Church in a Post-Pandemic World.   You do not have to read the book to participate in the webinar, but if you are interested in follow-up materials, it is available for purchase here: Being the Church in a Post-Pandemic World (
Kay Kotan is a United Methodist layperson, trained as a professional coach, and experienced in helping churches become more vital in reaching new people.  She has written multiple books and has served as a church developer in several United Methodist conferences.
Coming in the Fall of 2021:
The WNCC Leadership Development Team will be sponsoring a Game Changers Initiative cohort.  Based on the same book, Kay Kotan will guide leaders in helping churches develop 8 game-changing traits to become healthy, vital, and culturally relevant for the long term. It will include 9 months of cohort learning and coaching. Church teams (lay and clergy leaders) will be encouraged to participate together. Clergy will be able to participate individually as well. For more information and to join the cohort, visit the LDT Sponsored Offerings page.
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