The Passions of Jesus

August 1, 2021


Explore The Passions of Jesus in a six-week, video-driven study.

We see the passion of Jesus in his death but also in his life. As we journey together through Lent, we will look at what scripture tells us Jesus cared about and how that impacts what and who we care about. 

In our logo, you may recognize the Celtic Triquetra, often referred to as the Trinity Knot, with three equal parts that interconnect. In Christian tradition, it is a representation of the Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It can also represent anything that we associate in threes.

In this study, we look at the interconnectedness of Christ’s passion for us, Christ’s passion for others, and our passion reflected back, for Christ and for others. Rev. Gloria Hughes will lead six weeks of video conversations to accompany the digital study guide. 


Digital Content

Click here for a Dropbox folder that contains the six videos and study guide – everything you need to facilitate this study. From that folder, you can download individual files or use the "Download" button at the top right of the screen to download the entire folder. By downloading the videos, you will be able to view them on your computer/device without needing the internet. 

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Individual Files and Additional Content

You can stream the videos online on YouTube.

Click here to download the .pdf study guide only. 

Additionally, we've carefully curated a Spotify playlist with music that speaks to The Passions of Jesus

Do the video conversations leave you wanting more? We wanted to keep the videos to 8-10 minutes for this study, but our guests had so much wisdom to share! Each week, throughout Lent, our podcast, Means of Grace, will feature the 15- to 30-minute conversations in full. Go to or search for Means of Grace on your favorite podcast app.



Study Overview

  • Session 1: Jesus' Passion for Us with Dr. Samuel Moore and Rev. Kyle Sigmon
  • Session 2: Receiving Jesus' Passion for Us with Rev. Michael Carr, Rev. Stacey Lundy and Rev. Sally Queen
  • Session 3: Our Passion for Jesus with Rev. Susan Heafner-Heun, Rev. Chris Hughes and Rev. Susan Suarez-Webster
  • Session 4: Sharing Your Passion for Jesus with Rev. Ben Gatton, Dr. Stephanie Moore Hand and Rev. Josh Kurtz
  • Session 5: Jesus' Passion for Others with Rev. Susan Heafner-Heun and Rev. Joel Simpson
  • Session 6: Embodying Jesus' Passion for Others with Rev. Ben Carson and Rev. Karen Doucette