The Call and Challenge of Leadership

August 7, 2019

by Rev. Frank Ramos, Pastor of Mission Adonai, Asheboro, NC, Uwharrie District.

We must recognize that the call to leadership in the Church is a call to service as modeled in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, by engaging in a true disciple of words and deeds for all. One of the greatest challenges I see in the church today is for members to be able to trust their leaders. 

The reality is that when we ignore accountability to God and to one another we become a rule to ourselves and injustice is inevitable. When we promote a culture of transparency and accountability that is modeled by Church leaders at every level of the denomination, we will become a role model of a true disciple of Jesus Christ where words and deeds take action and the result is a better church and society. 

Therefore we must encourage our denomination and agencies to embrace diversity and justice by being the agent of transformation in our churches, communities and around the world.  As Christ’s ambassadors we must be fully engaged in the culture around us, doing good work but always being mindful of the reason why the church exists which is to make disciples and transform the world. To do God’s mission we do not have to agree with everything in the culture where we live. 

In my opinion, the church is the prophetic voice of society. We cannot allow society to dictate how the church should be or act, because our role model is Jesus and the Good News of the Gospel.  Yes, the church should always do ministry to the poor and to those who are marginalized by society.  But we cannot be apologetic about what we believe and in whom we believe to make people happy or to be politically correct.  

I think that for a long time the church has been quiet about what is happening in our country and in our neighborhoods. If we really want to reach out to our community, we must do it with a sincere heart. Not just give a handout, because people want something more. They want to build a relationship; they want to be listened to, they want people that care for them. 

We still have a long way to go when dealing with racism and discrimination in our communities, but most important in our churches.  We must preach with our life the real meaning of a true disciple of Jesus Christ. It is time that our words and deeds be transformed into actions in our ministries. Not just serve people so we can feel or look good, because people will know if we really mean it. We should be preaching and practicing what heaven would look like. We must take risks for the sake of the gospel if we want to model a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  
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