The Academy for Spiritual Formation

February 10, 2018

The Pilgrim's Longing

Are you yearning for a place to nourish your spiritual life?  Do you seek a spirituality deeply rooted in the Christian faith and tradition, yet open and free?  Are you looking for a community of people on a similar journey?  The Academy for Spiritual Formation® may be for you.


Since 1983, the Academy for Spiritual Formation® has offered an environment for spiritually hungry pilgrims, whether lay or clergy, that combines academic learning with experience in spiritual disciplines and community. The Academy's commitment to an authentic spirituality promotes balance, inner peace and outer peace, holy living and justice living, God's shalom. Theologically the focus is Trinitarian, celebrating the Creator's blessing, delighting in the companionship of Christ and witnessing to the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives, churches and the world.

The Academy for Spiritual Formation is an experience of disciplined Christian community emphasizing holistic spirituality—nurturing body, mind, and spirit. The program is ecumenical in nature and meant for all those who hunger for a deeper relationship with God, including both lay and clergy persons. Each Academy fosters spiritual rhythms—of study and prayer, silence and liturgy, solitude and relationship, rest and exercise. Academy participants rediscover Christianity's rich spiritual heritage through worship, learning, and fellowship. In covenant community and at a personal level, participants find time and space to discern direction, make covenants, and practice commitments.

The Academy for Spiritual Formation recognizes that the Holy Spirit is the enabling power in all Christian spiritual formation. It is designed to provide a setting where a spiritually disciplined community of lay and clergy can open their lives to receive God's love and grace so that they increasingly may become spiritual leaven within the Body of Christ.

Who Should Participate?

The Academy for Spiritual Formation is open to lay and clergy persons who want to be part of a community of seekers who learn the spiritual traditions of the church, are open to God's spirit in new ways, and who wish to be further formed for Christian living and ministry.

The academy is ecumenical and inclusive. It is open to all persons who are seeking God and wish to grow in Christian community with others. Members of ethnic minorities and persons with handicapping conditions are encouraged to apply.

The Academy for Spiritual Formation® has both a two-year program and a shorter program

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To see more information about the two-year academy, click here.

Scholarship funds are available for the Two-Year Academy.  For information about the scholarship, please contact Kim Ingram.
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