Retreats for Sabbath Rest and Renewal

January 10, 2022

Find places for ministry leaders to get away for Sabbath rest and renewal. 
Please note this is not a complete list of programs, as it is impossible for us to keep up with the many programming changes at the listed facilities, though we've done our best to compile the following list.  We encourage you to check out the retreat center's programming website for updates and changes.

Catholic Conference Center

Ridgecrest Conference Center

St. Francis Springs Prayer Center

Or experience time away at one of our camps:

Tekoa Foothills in Casar, NC

Rent a room and private bath in Loy White Lodge for only $40/night.  Browse the website and contact the camp for additional options!


Mt. Shepherd Retreat Center in Asheboro, NC

Plan a stay at Bethlehem Cottage or one of the Cabins

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