Reclaimed: Faith in an Emerging Generation

May 1, 2018

by Denise Janssen

Aging mainline Protestant churches across the nation continue to ask: Where have the young people gone? Why aren’t they in church? Often, their answers consist of blaming and judging. This author, a former professional still engaged in youth ministry, sought answers to these questions by conducting meaningful conversations with millennial young adults. Driven by her personal love for these individuals, Janssen’s research began with those who remained or returned to faith. Seeing faith engagement from their perspectives can totally change how a church welcomes and retains young adults. For example, congregations have faulty assumptions that programming and packaging will lure young adults back, rather than asking them and honoring them for who they are. The reality is that these adults desire relationships with all ages, experiences with the holy, and a chance to use their gifts to make a difference. This source offers heartfelt, but honest and forthright insights and suggestions to churches willing to authentically engage young adults.

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