Preparation to Proclamation: Refining the Weekly Habits of Laboring Preachers

December 14, 2022


Preaching is hard; faithful preaching is even harder. Unwilling to rely on extemporaneous speech from the pulpit, the disciplined preacher knows the Spirit's swaying on Sunday morning requires far more than cramming Saturday night. For the homilist who refuses to shortcut speaking on behalf of the sacred, who remains restless about their craft, who trusts the daily striving between exegesis and elocution, this cohort is intended for you.  


Central United Methodist, Asheville, NC 


  • Robert Blackburn, pastor Central UMC in Asheville

  • Brian Combs, Founding Pastor, Haywood Street Congregation in Asheville

Cost: $25

Limited to 12 working pastors.

Meeting time & Schedule:

Thursdays from 10-12 with an optional lunch after

  • July 13- Exegesis: a lovers' quarrel with the text 

  • August 17- Overwhelmed by choice: choosing one direction   

  • September 14- Sermon construction: form and function 

  • October 12- The illustration: crafting parabolic stories 

  • November 16- Writing and editing: yellow pages and erasers  

  • December 14- Elocution: rehearsing being heard 


Leadership Development