Preaching – To Bring the Bible to Life –

July 27, 2018

Led by Rev. Jan Brittain, Pastor Williamson’s Chapel UMC in Mooresville, NC

In the scripture, we find God’s directions for happy, effective and faithful living. Powerful Biblical preaching helps people understand, claim and apply those directions in ways that are relevant to their everyday living. The goal of this peer learning experience is to grow and help one another grow in our ability to preach Bible-based, Spirit-empowered, prayer drenched, RELEVANT sermons. 
  • 9 Sessions meeting once a month September 2018 – June 2019 (Skipping December) Will meet the Second Thursday of each month, beginning at 9:00 am and ending by 1:00 pm.
  • Meet at Williamson’s Chapel, Mooresville NC 575 Brawley School Road.
  • Sessions will be 3-4 hours long. 
  • Books to be read prior to Session One:
    • Shaped by the Word --- Robert Mulholland, Jr.
    • The Source --- James Michener (Very long Novel)\
  • Books referenced in the course will include:
    • Preaching – Fred Craddock
    • Preaching Without Notes Joseph Webb
    • Unleashing the Word – Adam Hamilton

1) Early sessions will focus on:
  • The role of the preacher
  • Biblical preaching that is relevant for today
  • Sermon Series Development
  • Creating a preaching plan
  • Choosing effective illustrations
2) Middle Sessions will provide opportunities for Peers to observe one another preaching through video and offer feedback
3) Final sessions will explore how to extend the impact of sermons beyond the sanctuary and provide the opportunity for creating a plan for going forward.
Follow Jesus. Make Disciples. Transform the World.