New Updated Remittance (Apportionment) Payment Form

January 6, 2022

Looking for a blank copy to print? Click here.

IT Services is pleased to offer a new online remittance form to replace the old fillable pdf form. This new process makes filling out your remittance form a breeze. Don't worry though, if you want to still print out a blank form and bypass this new online form, you can do so by clicking the link above.

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Video Instructions

Written Instructions

  • Fill out all the required information. Each field with a red asterisk is required.
  • For District and Conference/General/Jurisidictional payment, choose whether you want to auto allocate, self allocate, or not make a payment. Questions will show/hide based on your selections.
  • Please only enter numbers and "."'s Do not enter any special characters.
  • If you wish to make a special payment, click yes to the special payments question and enter the amount you wish to pay. Again, please only enter numbers and .'s
  • Your total will tally at the bottom.
  • NEW - Please also make sure to enter in your check number so we can ensure your payment is allocated correctly.
  • When finished, make sure to hit the green submit button
  • IMPORTANT - It is still required that you print off a copy and mail it in with your check. When you are finished submitting your form, it will give you the option to email a copy to yourself or download the pdf to print.
  • The generator makes a PDF similar to what you are used to. Print that out and mail it in with your check.

  • If you have any issues filling out the form, reach out to IT services by emailing If you have any questions about the payments or any additional questions, reach out to Gloria Hernandez at
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