More Than a Job

July 4, 2019

by the Rev. Dr. Ken Lyon is a retired elder in the Western North Carolina Conference. 

What do you want to see happen when it comes to staffing? To be sure we want to see the mission of the church advanced and each staff person making a substantial, positive contribution by accomplishing their chart of work. We build in accountability structures to give guidance, correct and redirect, set goals and establish clear expectations. Your staff is accountable to you and the church for their work.

There is another component of accountability I think is important. While staff are accountable to you, you are accountable for them. In very significant ways you are accountable for their development professionally, spiritually, and relationally. By that I mean we see our leadership as a means of creating a culture that fosters positive growth for the individual and the team.

One mantra that has been used for years is “begin with the end in mind.” Thinking in this way leads us to ask “what do I want for my staff as individuals and as a team” in those areas of development professionally, spiritually, and relationally? One way to reflect on this is to spend some time considering what you believe will help you grow in those areas. It also involves engaging your staff members in conversations beyond their chart of work about their hopes as well as yours for them in those areas and how you can help that happen.

One final musing (at least for now). As a result of working (serving) with you and the staff team let your hope be that they will be a better spouse (if married), a more loving parent (if they have children), a welcome friend and a more fully devoted follower of Christ as well as a growing and effective staff colleague.
Leadership Development