Mindset First: How To Achieve Conflict Transformation

June 20, 2018

Tuesday, October 23
St. Luke’s UMC in Hickory

People and organizations achieve results by maximizing the extent to which they work with an “outward mindset,” taking into account their impact on others and focusing on the needs of the organization as a whole. 
This session will help individuals and teams move from the default self-focus of an "inward mindset” (which invites resistance and conflict) to the mission-focus of an outward mindset. 
Participants will be given tools to: 
1.      Be self-aware of their own mindset and its impact on themselves, others, and the higher mission
2.      Improve their influence as a leader even with those who are resistant 
3.      Locate, address, and transform conflicts
4.      Re-conceive their work in ways that are more productive and helpful
The leader of this workshop is Mike Merchant. Mike Merchant is a senior consultant for the Arbinger Institute. Since 1993, Mike has facilitated workshops and keynote addresses for organizations internationally on the topics of leadership, performance improvement, strategic planning, and interpersonal relationships. Michael is also the president of ANASAZI Foundation, a non-profit and nationally accredited behavioral healthcare provider for youth, young adults, and their families. 
The event will be broadcast in other locations in the conference to be identified where groups will gather to watch and participate together.

Registration will be available here soon.
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