Leadership Effectiveness

April 4, 2019

Becky Greene, Director of Spiritual Formation, First United Methodist Church, Gastonia, NC

Through four decades of ministry in the local church, one of my primary responsibilities
is growing faithful disciples. It is my job to recognize the potential in people and equip them for
service. In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location, but in church work, it’s about
relationships, relationships, relationships.

Our primary goal is to create a viable relationship with God. We must always remember
our “why” as we seek lay leaders in the area of spiritual formation, discipleship and outreach.
Enthusiasm is contagious. When people are serving from their passionate relationship with Jesus
Christ, they attract others into a variety of spiritual formation groups. I will take a leader who
cares, over their skills any day. You can train the facilitator, but it is more difficult to coach the
heart of Jesus.

Secondly, joy comes from seeking a relationship with others who desire to be kingdom
builders. The youth space at First United Methodist Church Gastonia is called the Greene House
where we “grow faithful disciples” by offering students fellowship, personal enrichment,
worship, bible study and mission opportunities. Our mission is posted to inspire all persons who
enter this space.

And finally, we love because he first loved us. This great love is a mandate to reach out
to others. One of my “go to” scriptures is Luke 12:48 “to whom much is given, much is
expected.” Often in our leadership roles, we must cast a vision for what we see in the individual
and identify potential connections to serve a risen Savior. Spiritual gift inventories or Enneagram
Personalities Tests are tools that can be used to identify a particular calling or talent. However, I
believe being in authentic relationships is a better indicator of desire and ability. Each person is
called to ministry by virtue of his or her baptism. Through Christian practices, all persons are
encouraged to grow spiritually. A Sunday School Class at First Methodist has been studying
John Wesley’s 21 Questions as a way to deepen and transform our faith. I was surprised to find
“Do I go to bed on time and get up on time?” as one of the questions John Wesley pondered. He
prescribes that while there are definite physical benefits associated with sleep, the primary
purpose is to be rested in order to better serve our Lord.

Through Christian Education, we invite persons into a living relationship with Jesus
Christ, nurture a fellowship of believers and offer opportunities for service as Christian disciples.
Leadership Development