Holy Humor Sunday (Bright Sunday)

May 2, 2023

Many American churches are resurrecting an old Easter custom begun by the early Greek Christians --- "Bright Sunday" or "Holy Humor Sunday" celebrations on the Sunday after Easter. For centuries in all Christian faith traditions, the week following Easter Sunday was observed by the faithful as "days of joy and laughter" with parties and picnics to celebrate Jesus' resurrection. Visit the Holy Humor Website at http://www.joyfulnoiseletter.com/hhsunday.asp.

Two churches in the Western North Carolina Conference have celebrated Holy Humor Sunday this year:

Holy Humor Sunday At Aldersgate UMC, Shelby
Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Shelby celebrated their inaugural Holy Humor Sunday on April 16, 2023. Traditionally celebrated on the Sunday after Easter, the congregation learned about the history of the "days of joy and laughter" that followed Easter.  To introduce the concept, each participant in worship received a brown paper bag that contained a surprise disguise, a kazoo, and a unique joke.  During worship, we all donned our disguises, shared our jokes with one another, and told our jokes to one another. 


Holy Humor Sunday At Christ UMC, Charlotte
The Sunday after Easter has always been, in my mind, Low Sunday.  Attendance usually dips and the sanctuary just doesn't seem to carry the "Alleluias" of the previous week. But not this year.  This year, Christ UMC engaged in Holy Humor Sunday.  Why so funny?  Because death did not win.  The power of injustice and oppression did not win.  And the disciples couldn't even lock themselves up away from Jesus coming and saying "what's up?  peace!"  In the midst of so much sadness and anxiety and chaos, isn't it great to have a moment of pure joy and surprise and laughter?  Our worship was filled with songs that had us dancing and doing hand motions, we told jokes, we blew kazoos and we claimed that the JOY of the Lord is our strength.  



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