How to fill out the new Fund Balance module

August 1, 2022

By: Chris Hampton, Director of IT Services

This year (2022), we are introducing a new Fund Balance module to replace the Fund Balance form you have used in your Charge Conference paperwork for the last three years. This new module is more user-friendly and shows all the funds in a more natural grid-like way, making it easier to update and view your funds information from year to year. Even better, it handles all the calculations and is easy to print and keep for your records!

If at any time you have any tech-related questions about how to fill out this new module, please contact IT Services at (704) 464-0994 or

Watch the video (opens in Vimeo):

Written instructions:

To begin, login into your Church Dashboard and follow these instructions:
1. Click "Fund Balance Report" in the menu options on the Church Dashboard. 
2. Select the year you want to use to enter your fund balance information.*

Remember that you always enter last year's data. For 2022, select 2021
3. Click on the "Add a fund" to open up a new screen to add your fund. You can select from several prepopulated funds. 

4. Enter the fund's final numbers as of 12/31.

The "Ending Balance" is calculated based on the information in the other four fields. When finished, hit save!

For "Amount Distributed," enter a positive number for it to subtract from the ending balance.

For "Total transfer," enter a "-" if money was taken out for it to subtract correctly.
5. There is no limit to the number of funds you can add. If you want to add funds beyond the required ones, select "Other" and enter the fund name to add it.
6. You can edit or delete your funds before submitting them to the conference. 
7. After you have entered all of your data and are ready to submit, press the "Submit to conference" button
8. Fill out the "Fund Balance Submission" form with as much information as you can/need to. You are finished after you hit "Save"
9. Click the "Print Page" button to print a full report for the year.

*we are working on a solution to import all of your historic data for previous years
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