Davidson Centre – The Clergy Program

May 1, 2019

The Clergy Program offers a unique, comprehensive personal assessment and continuing leadership skills for clergy and church professionals of all faith traditions.

Participants receive access to experienced professionals who provide tools to build stronger resilience, health, and wholeness. The leaders have high levels of experience, education, and training with and for clergy.

The Clergy Program is designed as an opportunity for church professionals to sustain faithfulness to their vocation as well as discern options in time of transition, sabbatical, and retirement.

Program Overview

The Centre has relocated its office to a convenient location off I-77 in Davidson, North Carolina.  In a quiet space beside Lake Davidson and across the highway from Lake Norman, participants will have access to a natural setting by the water and space for contemplative walks and reflective time during program breaks. 

Group size is limited to no more than five individuals so each person can engage fully within the group, and have essential one-on-one time with leaders. The one-on-one leader/participant ratio is unique among leadership programs.

Program Schedule:

The morning sessions begin at 8:00 a.m. and schedules are individualized for each day. Afternoon group consultations typically conclude around 4 pm.  On Friday, you will have lunch provided and adjourned by early afternoon (typically 1:30 pm). Throughout the program, participants receive:

  • Daily individual consultations with a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
    • All consultants are state-licensed, have served in parish ministry, or have extensive experience counseling pastors, and bring a faith-based perspective.

    • Consultants focus their work using systems analysis, cognitive behavior, and positive psychology. Positive psychology emphasizes the development of personal agency, self-efficacy, learned optimism, mindfulness, and hope.

    • In these consultations, clergy will assess their emotional health and develop short- and long-term goals to initiate positive changes.

  • Afternoon Seminars
    • Build on the individual consultation and are led by specialists in the areas of stress management and resiliency, systems dynamics, secondary stress, personal call to service and maturity, and forming a plan with specific goals.

  • Individual Physical Assessments
    • Personal Fitness Evaluation and Personal Fitness Training
    • Individual Consultation with a Nutrition Guide
  • Individual Spiritual Direction
  • Goal-Setting Consultations

Follow-up Services

On the last day of the program, the participant meets with a Professional Coach to discuss his or her goals. The Coach then helps the client to set out a specific plan that will include:

  • Two months of follow-up coaching after the initial session
  • Telephone or email consultation with any of the consultants upon request, and availability to contract additional sessions with any of the consultants.

Reservations and Registration

Programs are held throughout the year, approximately once per month. Please access the Registration & Calendar page for the Clergy Program to view available weeks. After a convenient date is reserved, participants receive a program packet outlining the schedule of events, including foundational readings and preparatory forms to fill out and return. Reservations are recommended at least four weeks in advance.

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