Creating a Culture of Renewal

Creating a Culture of Renewal Groups Starting in August and September 2018
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Learn how to:
  • Craft a bold vision that exponentially expands what you and your congregation(s) thought possible.
  • Dramatically increase the number of people engaged in ministry.
  • Transform a risk-averse culture into a congregation willing to enthusiastically tackle new initiatives and try new ministries.
  • Be renewed and re-energized for ministry.
Led by Rebekah Simon-Peter, Creating a Culture of Renewal’s three-track program is an award-winning, proven, and empowering approach to self-awareness, leadership and ministry. Using emotional intelligence, you will master the vital interplay between group dynamics, congregational culture and communication to bring new life to your congregation.
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"Creating a Culture of Renewal has been transformational for me and for my congregation.  We have improved in our inter-personal relationships and therefore have more effective meetings which lead to more effective ministry.  Our process for visioning and goal-setting to achieve our vision helps us fulfill our mission of "Following Jesus, Making Disciples, and Transforming the World.”"
Rev. Marilyn Weiler, Pine Grove UMC, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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"I've found Creating a Culture of Renewal to be the most effective and life changing source of positive renewal for our clergy, churches, and conferences I've experienced in almost 30 years in our annual conference."
Rev. Ralph Lepley, Rose Chapel, Statesville, NC
Leadership Development