Clergy Email

April 6, 2022

Each clergy member is assigned a clergy email. This email must be used as the primary email for all communication to and from the conference office. This helps ensure that even when you move churches, we will always know how to contact you with related and important information.

❗ All clergy email addresses follow the same pattern of first initial and full last name (and a number if there are multiple names that follow the same pattern). They all end in (example: Chris Hampton would be If you have not been assigned an email, please reach out to Ministerial Services.

☝�� For assistance resetting your password, please contact your district office. Their contact information can be found at


To access your clergy email, you can go to

The username is your full email address.

 �� All clergy email addresses are full G-Suite accounts and come with a number of free apps. For more information on what is included and information about each app, please visit


A number of clergy members wish to forward their email automatically to their church-assigned email so they can keep up with only one email. You can find information on how to accomplish that by going to

Adding your email to your phone/tablet/computer

While forwarding is a viable option, smartphones and email clients today provide ways to add multiple email addresses, making it easier than ever to check all of your emails in one place.

☝�� When prompted to choose the type of email account, always select Google or Gmail.