Clergy Care Through Service

June 7, 2022

Haywood County Flood Relief 
Serving others can provide perspective.  Hard work encourages a good night’s sleep which can result in rest.  Working alongside others builds community. Clergy and Ministry Professionals are invited to spend time serving in Haywood County to do flood relief.  Come with a peer group (6-8 people is ideal), your family (age 14 and older), or by yourself.
Dates and registration are available at this link:
  • If you are coming alone, you must choose a date that has a group signed up. You will work alongside the group(s). You can choose a week that is “sold out.”
  • If you are coming with a team of 6-8 colleagues, you need to sign up for an open team spot.
A $200 stipend is available for each clergy or ministry professional participant from the WNC Leadership Development Team for food and lodging. WNC Disaster Relief offers all WNC UM’s a $50 reimbursement for housing at Lake Junaluska. Clergy who received a Clergy Collegiality and Care grant would not be eligible for this grant, but could still participate at their own expense.  They can receive the $50 housing reimbursement.
The new meal packages are as followed:
Adult Breakfast @ $13.50/person per day
Adult Lunch @ $16.00/person per day
Adult Dinner @$19.50/person per day
Children 5-11 Breakfast @ $6.75/person per day
Children 5-11 Lunch @ $8.00/person per day
Children 5-11 Dinner @ $9.75/person per day
Reimbursement instructions:
  • $50 housing – send Lake J receipt to Carol Bateman
  • Up to $200 stipend, send receipts to Marsha Patton.
  • Each clergy/ministry professional should submit reimbursement separately. 
If you have questions about the project, contact Ben Rogers
This is a collaborative effort of WNC Disaster Ministries and the WNC Leadership Development Team.  Thanks to the generous giving of local churches in WNC that make ministries like this possible.
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