Church Dashboard

April 6, 2022

�� If you do not know your login information or need help resetting it, please reach out to your district office. We cannot see your password but only reset it.

Every church within the Western NC Conference is issued a login for the church dashboard. The clergy dashboard holds important information about the church, quick links to apportionment and payment details, and submittable forms assigned to the church.

✅ Each church is issued only ONE (1) login per church. We often recommend you assign a "gatekeeper" to keep up with that username/password and provide it to users needing access

Submittable Forms

Throughout the course of the year, we require a number of forms that need to be submitted. You can access open and completed forms on this page that are assigned.

Benefits/Remittance Payment Details and Apportionment/YTD Amounts

These links provide information related to benefits and remittance (apportionment) payments paid YTD. Please allow up to 24 hours between when we receive your payment for it to reflect on your page. The apportionment/YTD links take you to our main conference website to show you apportioned amounts, year-to-date paid, and balance remaining.

Advanced Clergy Search

This is a directory of all clergy in our conference. Because it is located behind a download, we provide more contact information to be listed. This search is not available for anybody without a login.

Church History

A simple table that displays the church's history of metrics, based on the EZRA information you submit each ear.

Church Information

This form allows you to update important contact information. We will request that you visit this page at least once per year to verify your information.

Church Leaders

This module is a listing of all the church leaders at your church (PPRC Chair, Lay Leader, Youth Contact, etc). We ask that you update this and validate contact information at least once a year.

❗ When making a new assignment, please leave the "end date" blank! You only need to put in the end date if you know when that person will stop serving.

Clergy Compensation

Each year, clergy are asked to complete and fill out a compensation report. This lets us know what health plans they choose (if eligible), deductions, etc, and creates a documented agreement between the clergy member and the benefits administrator. It is to be digitally signed by the clergy member, members of the church, and your district superintendent. Each church only has access to the current year's compensation report. Each church has access to all clergy members appointed to that church.