Call To Action

October 2, 2018

The Call to Action Steering Team was created by the Council of Bishops and the Connectional Table to guide a United Methodist response to the mission of the church to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and focus ministry efforts around global health, ministry with the poor, growing congregations and developing leaders. Towers Watson conducted the research and released a report that identified four key areas as the drivers of vitality:
  • Small Groups and Programs
  • Lay Leadership
  • Worship Service
  • Pastor
Pages 45-50 of the Report highlight the research related to the role of the pastor.
The areas that measure the effectiveness of a pastor’s leadership were identified as the following:
  1. Work in partnership with others to accomplish goals
  2. Recognize, address discord in a fair and positive manner
  3. Encourage and empower others to take ownership
  4. Focus on developing, coaching, and mentoring to enable lay leadership to improve performance
  5. Inspire passion and enthusiasm in others to for spiritual development, discipleship, and outreach
  6. Develop personal knowledge, skills, and abilities to continuously improve and grow oneself
  7. Define and articular a future vision of the church
  8. Inspire confidence and trust  through words and deeds
  9. Demonstrate effective management of the local church (e.g., financial, operational, staff)
  10. Influence the actions and behaviors of others to accomplish changes in the local church
  11. Recognize, understand, and empathize with feelings and needs of others and respond accordingly
  12. Propel the local church to set and achieve significant goals through effective leadership
  13. Understand and lead in the context in which they serve
  14. Inspire the congregation through preaching
  15. Develop a formal, written mission and vision that has been reviewed in the last five years
More information about the Call to Action can be found here.
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