Breaking 200 Without Breaking You

October 2, 2017

Carey Nieuwhof's Breaking 200 program gives leaders the skills to build a team of leaders, not just doers so that you can do what you do best. The 8-module online course offers 8 videos, a downloadable workbook and exercises to help your team learn and practical strategies to help your team grow. The sessions include Structure Bigger to Grow Bigger; The Pastor who does Everything; Scaling Pastoral Care; Finding the Right Leaders; Building Teams that Lead; Aligning Your Church; A New Way to Make Decisions; Stop Making Excuses.

Does This Sound Familiar?

My church is growing and my congregation loves knowing everyone in the room. However, having a church of over 200 attendees feels too big for many people...

Everybody wants a piece of me as the pastor. My time off is evaporating and my family isn't seeing nearly enough of me. If more people means more hours, I'm pretty sure it will kill me...

We're on the cusp of reaching more people at my church, but I just don't have enough volunteer leaders or the right team to get bigger. And I have no idea where to find them...


Reaching More People
You and your team having the skills & insight needed to reach more and guiding your church to gladly embrace the mission.
Having More Time
Imagine your church learning to care for one another and relying on you to do only what you can do best.
Finding Great Leaders
Imagine having the skills and insight to be able to build teams of leaders, not just teams of doers, as you grow.  
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Leadership Development