The Equipping Institute

October 2, 2017

The Equipping Institute exists to help ministry leaders learn by experiencing. Their philosophy of a REAL approach: Relational, Experiential, Applicable, and Learner-Based is utilized in their training. Clemmons UMC in the Yadkin Valley District has utilized this resource and Dr. J. Matthew Burton, Jr., senior pastor, indicates “The Equipping Institute training at Clemmons UMC has transformed the culture of our congregation. It has moved us from a membership culture that asks, ‘What can the church do for me?’ to a discipleship culture that asks, ‘What can I do for Jesus in the community and world?’”

For more than 40 years Group Publishing has been working closely with churches all over the country to develop innovative resources that positively transform ministries. Group's Equipping Institute exists solely to share our expertise with ministry leaders like you. We use a collaborative approach to training; from beginning to final implementation, we are by your side.

Every course will provide you with the tips, tools, plans, and insights you need to be an effective and innovative ministry leader. We bridge the gap between inspirational learning and practical application.

The website gives details about the program as well as related articles containing information and wisdom.

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