The Self-Aware Leader: Discovering Your Blind Spots to Reach Your Ministry Potential

September 06, 2017

by Terry Linhart
Linhart’s new book is a wonderful handbook for discovering and developing self-awareness – which is necessary for authentic and effective Christian ministry leadership. Self-aware leaders are the key to vision focused leadership.

Effective ministry begins here. You've studied what you think you need to know before entering a career in ministry. Is there anything that is more important than knowing about hermeneutics, homiletics, theology, exegesis, and everything else you have likely learned in seminary and church ministry so far? Yes, there is. How well do you know yourself? You need to build your ministry career on the right foundation of an objective understanding of self. If you don't comprehend your strengths and weaknesses, then you won't be fully prepared to enter the crucible of ministry. Serving as a pastor is one of the toughest calls there is. But it can also be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding, especially if you have taken the time to examine both your gifts and vulnerabilities. The church needs leaders who have the clear-eyed courage to pursue the hardest part of the ministry journey: seeing yourself. The Self-Aware Leader will help you to do just that.

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