Invitation to Sabbath Living

July 7, 2017

by Dr. Guy Brewer, Director, Sabbath Living Initiative

July 3, 2017

Victor Frankl commented about the compelling why of life: “The one who has a compelling why can endure any how.” But what happens if you have lost your why? On a more personal level, do you and I live today with the gravitational pull of Jesus as the compelling why of our lives? Loss of your compelling why. That’s a pretty accurate definition of burnout. And, it happens easily. The path to burnout comes from simple neglect to tend the inner fire of God’s love. Tending the fire requires intentional time spent in the presence of Jesus.

Here is why a Sabbath rule of life is so important. Apart from Jesus, the inner flame quickly dies. A Sabbath rule of life is an intentional way to live under the gravitational pull of Jesus’ compelling why. It is a life lived at the pace of grace, where we make space for grace, and find our place of grace in the body of Christ. A Sabbath rule of life is a gentle journey with Jesus that avoids the side streets of burnout by staying on the main street of grace.

While on a sabbatical, I attended a retreat on spiritual discernment in Lexington VA. On the second day of the retreat, I got up before dawn to watch the sun rise over the mountains. One minute I was sitting in the dark and the next minute the whole world was filled with brilliant sunlight. In that bright sunlight, even the grass looked like it was on fire. I had never seen anything like it-my burning bush moment. And in that moment, God spoke to me in my heart. God asked me: “Guy, are you afraid of dying?” I was shocked by this question and answered without thinking, “No, LORD, I’m not afraid of dying.” And then, the LORD immediately asked me a second question. “Why, then, do you live the way you do?”

Why do you live the way you do? That question from the LORD has become a fire in my heart. Why do you live the way you do? What is your compelling why?

Helping others adopt a Sabbath rule of life-to rediscover their compelling why-is the mission of the Sabbath Living Program. We are here to provide resources for you-sabbatical planning, retreats, training, spiritual direction, and support networks-that will reignite your inner fire. Check out our website at, email me at, or call (503.789.3997).

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