Leadership Development for Your Church: Pastoral Study Project Grant

July 7, 2017

Leadership Development for Your Church: Pastoral Study Project Grant

“As realtors always emphasize location, church leaders need to always develop their leadership.” One of my ministry mentors has often reminded me of the importance of leadership development. Church leadership is a crucial matter for pastors and lay leaders to effectively and faithfully carry out God’s mission in the world today. In particular, as an Asian American immigrant who serves the UMC under cross-racial and cross-cultural appointment, I have strived to discover and develop a particular leadership style in my cross-cultural context.

After completing my D.Min from Duke Divinity School, focusing on Christian leadership, I thought of “what’s next?” In order to continue to develop church leadership, I searched for an opportunity to engage my academic learning in my ministry context. Then the Pastoral Study Project from Louisville Institute got my attention, and I applied for it with a topic of “Toward Reconciliation: Building Solidarity on the Periphery.” With this study project grant, I plan to meet, engage, and build relationships with unchurched people beyond the church boundary. With young adult members at Calvary UMC, I will carry out this study project in 2017 to 2018.

The Louisville Institute “seeks to fund innovative, experimental projects that will contribute to new learning within both church and academy.” If you are one of scholarly practitioners in ministry, I recommend you to apply for pastoral study project grant by September 1. Both elders and deacons are eligible to apply for it. The grant is up to $15,000 and it has one year project period. There is a mandatory group meeting for all grantees at Louisville Institute in February to share their study projects and get feedback from each other. You may find more detailed information at louisville-institute.org. As a grantee in 2017, I will be happy to assist your application process if you need any help.

Dr. Jae Lee is an elder of WNCC and serves Calvary UMC in Charlotte. Jae can be reached at jlee@wnccumc.net.      
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