Gratitude for Grants

March 13, 2017


Recipients of the fall 2016 Leadership Development Team grants wanted to thank you for supporting their ministries. With your financial support these providers will be offering programs throughout 2017 that will help to develop and strengthen our ministers and those in professional ministry church positions. Here are their words of gratitude.

From the Davidson Clergy Center:

Participants come to our Five-Day Clergy Program in various stages of transition, wellness, and family or church situation.  We strive to cover all these bases with our team of consultants throughout the week, and give the pastors tools to continue their wellness path.  We are very grateful for the support of the WNCC in referring and encouraging pastors to attend the Clergy Program.

Participants in the clergy program have written:

“This program respected the complex interactions of ministry with physical health, emotional resilience and family needs.  You helped me reflect on the integrity of my ministry from every angle imaginable and in helpful and productive ways.  Thank you!” “A tailored, well-rounded personal reflection and guidance week.  The program was so well integrated that it covered every major aspect of my life without feeling invasive.  Very encouraging.” “Time apart to make decisions or plans to be stronger and healthier.  I recognized that no ministry setting is perfect but also many valuable things can happen at churches even when in crisis.”

From the Academy for Leadership Excellence:

The Academy is grateful for the support across the Western North Carolina and North Carolina Conferences, to be able to provide a rich and immersive preaching experience for clergy. Clergy consistently tell us they leave the event refreshed and equipped. Thank you for your generosity in supporting this work. Below we have included three participants' quotes and a short comment from the Academy:

"(The best part of the Preaching Festival is) always the gathering of clergy to share in the experience of worship as someone sitting in the pew rather than standing at the altar."

"I loved the diversity of the voices and experiences represented by event presenters and attendees."

"(The preachers) poured such passion into what they shared. And it was so relevant, that each of us could bring home take-aways."

From the Ministry Development & Vocational Services

We are so grateful and excited to have been awarded a grant from the WNCC and Leadership Development Team for the “Zeroing In On  Personal Voice” and “Pastor’s Theology of Risk”  Retreats.  We also feel very blessed for the partnership we have with WNCC.  

This grant affords us the opportunity to strengthen leadership growth through our retreats, which are facilitated by our seasoned staff.  The retreats are designed to nurture, counsel and educate - theologically, spiritually and psychologically.  “A Pastor’s Theology of Risk” Retreat (1 of 2 this year) was facilitated a few weeks ago.  The individuals that attended came from different “phases” in their ministry journey. Some were at a crossroad, some coming from “broken” churches, some discerning mid-career changes.  This workshop helped them at a time in their life when they needed confidence, accountability, coaching and a listening ear to address their challenges.  It was an empowering retreat and we are excited to do the next one. Again, we are so very grateful for the generosity of the WNCC and Leadership Development Team.

From the Center for EQ-HR:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the EQ-HR Center, I would like to thank you for your generous grant!!  We are blessed to be in partnership with you and know that your grant will impact many clergy and ministry professionals!  We have experienced the transformation of people who attend our workshops and observed the growth of emotional intelligence as a vital part of being in ministry.   The grant money makes the workshop affordable for professionals to attend and we receive very grateful responses from participants who received scholarships.

From the Big Sigh Ministries:

Big Sigh Ministries could not carry out our ministry to pastors and congregations without the support through various organizations and individuals.  We want to thank the Western North Carolina Conference for supporting us through your Leadership Development Grant.  Your support has helped us lead pastors through our GRACE BREAK: Planning Your Renewal Leave program, support them and their congregations through the renewal leave process, and supply helpful tools to the renewal leave planning process.  You have also helped us educated church leadership teams about the importance of renewal leaves for their pastor and the benefits it brings to the congregation through our GRACE BREAK: Caring for Our Pastor small group study. 

Here’s what participants are saying:

GRACE BREAK:  Caring for Our Pastor small group study participants “I’m really glad I had the opportunity to be a participant this weekend.  The presenters were very encouraging as well as helpful and informative.  It’s a comfort to know they’ll continue to assist our church in this process!” “It has given me the confidence to know that if it’s God’s will we can do it!” GRACE BREAK:  Planning Your Renewal Leave pastor’s workshop participant “The ‘Planning for Renewal Leave’ Day-Apart enabled me to begin to imagine a season of Renewal for myself and my family in the middle of my life of pastoral ministry.  Then it strapped on a Tool Belt and gave me permission to begin building the structure for such essential Re-Creation to become reality.” 

As you can see from their own words, the grant providers are thankful for your support as well as those who have participated in their programs. The Leadership Development Team is proud to recommend these ministries to help pastors and those in professional church ministry positions to help you become the leader you are called to be. Because of the generosity of Western North Carolina churches through the payment of apportionments, these opportunities have been made available. Thank you WNCC for your continued financial support and encouragement! Sincerely, The Leadership Development Team

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