Joyfully2UMC - The Giving App

December 6, 2016

Giving Just Became Easierapponiphone6plus

The Joyfully2UMC giving app allows members of local United Methodist Churches the chance to give to their church electronically. The free app, available for Android and Apple® operating systems, provides a convenient way for local church goers to give to their church that already uses Electronic Funds Transfer.

Joyfully2UMC © Announces Fund Designation Options!

The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) is pleased to announce recent improvements to the“Joyfully2UMC" © app.  Fund designations specific to each church are now live! Before, all donations were directed into the selected church’s general fund. However, after receiving feedback from the connection on the app, fund designation is now possible. The fund designations come directly from Vanco, and they are specific to each church. We hope this fund designation improvement will entice more churches to consider Joyfully2UMC as a viable option for electronic giving.

If you or your congregation is not familiar with Joyfully2UMC, the app, developed for members and visitors of United Methodist churches, allows users to search and find a local United Methodist church. The app works for any church that uses Vanco Payment Solutions. For more information about how a local church can participate in any of the electronic giving programs Vanco Payment Solutions provides, please call at 800-774-9355.
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