Spiritual Direction

November 15, 2016

daisyAnother way to enhance your spiritual life is to meet with a spiritual director. “The ministry of Spiritual Direction can be understood as the meeting of two or more people whose desire is to prayerfully listen for the movements of the Holy Spirit in all areas of a person’s life (not just in their formal prayer life). It is a three-way relationship: among the true director who is the Holy Spirit (which in Christian tradition is the Spirit of Christ present in and among us), the person seeking direction (the directee) and the human director (who listens for the directions of the Holy Spirit with the directee).” —Tilden Edwards. Spiritual Director and Spiritual Companion: Guide to Tending the Soul. Paulist Press. 2001.

Information about spiritual direction and finding a spiritual director can be found at http://www.ncspiritualdirectors.org/
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