7 Creative Models for Community Ministry

April 27, 2016

7creativemodelsbyJoy Skjegstad

A practical guide for church leaders seeking to engage their congregations with the community, offering step-by-step instructions on 7 ways to structure transformational community ministry.

Joy Skjegstad first outlines processes for learning about the neighborhood, assessing gifts and passions within the church, and finding a good fit between congregation and community. 7 Creative Models:
  • Donating Goods or Money
  • Mobilizing Volunteers
  • Partnering with Another Organization
  • Advocating around Public Policy
  • Engaging in Community Organizing
  • Developing a Ministry Program
  • Creating a Church-based Nonprofit
Each of the Model chapters features examples of churches that have implemented the model, with advice on strategies that worked and pitfalls to avoid. Subsequent chapters tackle how to:
  • Choose the right model for your church
  • Recognize success in your ministry
  • Fund the new ministry
  • Do community ministry in the small church
Building on extensive writing already done on missional church strategies and community ministry, this book is a good next read for pastors and church member alike who are ready to take specific steps to implement a community ministry strategy. Find it on amazon.com here.
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