So Much Better

April 6, 2016

by Penny Long Marler, D. Bruce Roberts, Janet Maykus, James Bowers, Larry Dill, Brenda K. Harewood, Richard Hester, Sheila Kirton-Robbins, Marianne LaBarrel, Lis Van Harten, Kelli Walker-Jones, The Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Peer Learning Project

So Much BetterWho understands the stresses of being a pastor better than another pastor? So Much Better examines the life-changing impact of peer learning groups for pastors. Going beyond research statistics, at this book’s heart are the stories of seven peer group models. Also featured is information about peer group recruitment, leadership, content, and structure, and practical advice about the cost, sustainability, and evaluation of peer groups.

So Much Better can change the way you think about and perform your ministry and lead you to a life that is, indeed, so much better.

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