Catalyst and Collaborative Grants - Pastoral Execllence Network

April 6, 2016

Catalyst and Collaborative Grants are intended to provide funding for projects that expand the impact of the work of the Pastoral Excellence Network and to develop a body of wisdom and practice regarding the transition into ministry for new clergy and/or sustaining pastoral excellence throughout each season of ministry.

Webinar:  Preparing to Submit a Pastoral Excellence Network Grant Proposal We strongly recommended that organizations interested in applying for a PEN grant view this informational webinar before creating a proposal. The webinar provides details on the kinds of projects we fund and the requirements for applying. Topics covered include the purposes of the grants, the connection between your purpose, goals and activities, and how to create a meaningful budget for your project. The webinar can be viewed at The Pastoral Excellence Network will receive proposals from tax-exempt, church-related institutions for matching funds for any one of the following purposes:
  1. To support the planning and development of new programs which assist new pastors in making a strong transition into ministry (one-time grant up to $25,000).
  2. To support the planning and development of new programs that foster sustaining pastoral excellence for clergy in any season of ministry. Plans which explain how a new program will be sustained beyond the grant funding period must be included with the application (one-time grant up to $25,000).
  3. To develop print or multi-media learning resources to share wisdom and practices in ways that others can use (up to $10,000).
  4. To support innovative collaborations of current programs to gather around common questions, topics, practices, or learning goals (up to $15,000).
  5. To enable current programs to meet with other church institutions to expand their programs in new ways or to assist others in launching new programs (up to $15,000).
Grant proposals will be reviewed twice yearly. Proposals must be received by June 1 or December 1. Grants will be reviewed by a grant adjudication committee which will make decisions within approximately 6 weeks of the deadline for receiving applications.
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