Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary - College of Pastoral Leaders

April 6, 2016

The College of Pastoral Leaders exists to enliven, invigorate and sustain the life of ministry. It’s not a place where one earns a degree; it is an association of church leaders committed to learning in community, over time, for their own flourishing in ministry and the sake of the Gospel.

We believe…

Pastoral leaders need communities of trusted peers who know and understand the calling because ministry can be lonely and isolating.

The quality of pastoral leadership matters for the church.When pastors become more fully alive, congregations and ministries become more fully alive—for the sake of the world and the glory of God. Vital church leadership depends on life-long learning and transformation. Transformation happens in community and over time. Pastors can be trusted to discern what they need. They deserve both challenge and support.

The College is built on these foundations.

The College challenges pastors in groups of four to six to form a community dedicated to renewal for ministry. Cohorts receive a grant of $10,000 to fund their self-designed agenda over a two-year period.

It works.

Since 2003, nearly 80 communities of pastors, chaplains and church leaders have participated in the College with a wide variety of activities. Regardless of what they do,pastors find:
  • spiritual refreshment drawn from time spent with trustworthy colleagues in a safe place;
  • intellectual growth through garnering of fresh ideas;
  • physical renewal through breaks from day-to-day routines and just plain fun; and
  • new vocational energy for commitments to ministry.

Visit their website here to learn about the programs, events, and resources offered.

Leadership Development