crucial conversations - from Davidson UMC

February 16, 2016

Davidson UMC offers these sermons and a small group study guide. Rev. Steve Autrey introduces the study guide this way:

"Have you ever had a difficult conversation with someone? The better question is not have we had difficult conversations, but how do we handle difficult conversations when they come along, because they will inevitably arrive. None of us can escape dealing with tough issues, even if we try our best to avoid conflict at all costs. The church can be guilty of avoiding difficult topics as well. It is "easier" to move along pretending everything is fine, speaking words of comfort and hope. Sure the world needs comfort and hope and these notions are pivotal in our faith journey, they are essential to who Jesus is for us. But Jesus also calls his Church to speak to difficult topics as well, to not shy away from controversy or painful dialogue. As a church we are surrounded by issues and situations that must be dealt with and spoken to with truth, love, and grace. For the next five weeks, DUMC is embarking on a Sermon Series designed to help us address some of the challenges we are facing. This guide is designed to accompany us on our journey."

Davidson UMC Crucial Conversations study 





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