February 1, 2016

reWorshipLiturgical resources and reflections for worship planners and leaders including prayers, calls to worship, confession, etc. The purpose of this blog is to help worship leaders and planners access some of the scripturally-based prayers and worship resources on the internet.

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The re:Worship blog's creator, , tells her story this way ..."The author Frederick Buechner once defined ‘vocation’ as “the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” I think I’m living that definition. I’ve spent the last three decades studying, pastoring, teaching and writing about worship, looking for ways to strengthen and deepen our corporate conversations with God. I’m still not sure how I landed up on this journey, and it certainly hasn’t always been easy or profitable. But I’ve never been able to escape the conviction that this is where God wants me, and this is the work I need to be doing."
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