UMC Discipleship Ministries

July 29, 2015

gbod-logo@2xBefore your ushers receive the offering, you or your worship leader for the service tells your audience that their offerings have supported ministries within your church and your church’s giving to “100 United Methodist-related colleges and 13 United Methodist seminaries.”

The above-suggested “Invitation to Offering” is one of the numerous resources on stewardship offered through the UMC’s Discipleship Ministries. This reservoir of ideas, book reviews, webinar announcements and blogs covers topics such as ideas of budget building and fundraising, generous giving and living, and proper management of the church’s (and ultimately God’s) money.

Books which have been featured and reviewed on this site include:

Shopping: Christian Exploration of Daily Living, by Michelle A. Gonzalez

Simple Rules for Money: John Wesley on Earning, Saving and Giving by James A. Harnish

Bearing Fruit: Ministry With Real Results by Tom Berlin and Lovett Weems

These resources, and so much more, from UMC Discipleship Ministries are available at
Leadership Development