Leading Through HEAD, HEART, & HANDS

June 29, 2015

 by Dave Zietlow, DPZ Leadership

Leadership leverages creativity to live out a church's mission to minister to children so they can minister to others. Ms. Tina Springs, Director - Children's Discipleship at Assurance UMC provides one example of how children's ministry focused on a vision and by using creativity unleashes children to grow and go serve others.

At any given time while entering the Assurance UMC children's ministry programs, classes, or even the hallway, one will find much going on. There will be laughter, singing (loud singing!), creative energy, experiments, mini dramas, small group discussions, and much, much more. To the normal eye, this may all appear to be just church made Fun, but in reality a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ is being formed within each child. Every single program, group, or activity is designed with that purpose in mind. It is our hope that all that we do will connect the children to Christ and the three S's of Assurance: SPIRIT ~ SERVE ~ SHARE

via: THE HEAD - Know God These activities are designed so that the children will learn all about God, the Bible, Christian themes and Life Application. THE HEART - Love God These activities will help the children feel God and His presence, ultimately growing into a closer relationship with Him. THE HANDS - Serve God These activities will explore different ways that even the smallest among us are called to serve and help others. Curriculum development is a cornerstone to our efforts to reach children's heads, hearts, and hands. One example is our Silly Holiday curriculum:

Finding Faith in the Silly Holidays - Every day there iskids-window something to celebrate! From Pizza Day to Apple Dumpling Day there is always a Silly Holiday to be found. It is our hope that we can take the secular and help children discover Jesus in these silly days. Children are excited to find engaging ways to see Jesus and to be reminded of how much He loves them.

Open your creative energy to unleash the head, heart, and hands of our children. Contact: tina@assuranceumc.org for more information.
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