Coach Approach Ministries

May 28, 2015

Since 2005, we have trained thousands of people to use coaching to improve the lives of those they lead, love, and serve.


We express and expand the kingdom of God through coaching.

We do this by training Christ followers to use coaching in their churches, businesses, homes, and as professional coaches.

Work With A Coach

Take your leadership to the next level with structured coaching from a CAM Certified Coach. With a combined 50 years experience coaching ministry leaders, our Founding Partners have found that the number one thing holding top- level leaders back is not lack of knowledge, decreased motivation, or even challenging church members. No, it’s the misalignment of the leader’s identity with the leader’s capacity. The greater the leadership role, the more important it is that what you do aligns with who you are. Authentic, long-lasting leadership requires that what you achieve aligns with who you are. Only after you are clear about who you are, can you gain true clarity concerning what you want to create. Your aspirations are the truest and most authentic goals possible — the short-term, long-term, and ultimate goals God has for you. We start by supporting your discovery of who you are at your core. We do this via a suite of proven assessments and narrative discovery sessions that lead to high definition clarity of your authentic self. TO DISCUSS YOUR COACHING OBJECTIVES CALL US TODAY, 828.381.5631
At CAM, our coaches are seasoned coaching professionals who also understand the world of ministry leadership. We leverage our experience in church and corporate leadership to bring out the best for you. Our coaching process offers four steps that lead to incredible new insight and meaningful new behaviors. We begin by 1) assessing who you are and what’s important to you, and 2) what are the purpose and goals to which you aspire. Next, we help you 3) align your thinking and doing with your identity and aspirations by making shifts in your perspective and creating clear action plans for what to start/stop/keep doing. Finally, 4) we support you as you achieve a higher and more authentic level of success and set you up for ongoing success.

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