SLI - Loving, Learning, Leading

May 27, 2015


SLI discovers, develops, and deploys Spiritual Leaders by placing them in communities that learn how to create transformative environments and fruitful ministries.  Our work is targeted to those with the gifts of leadership that spans the Lay and Clergy world without bias. SLI has thoroughly tested for over 12 years what happens when a group of people come together and spend time growing spiritually, learning together, and giving their lives to leading adaptive, generative ministries.  In culture after culture these timeless principles are being applied in modern ministry settings and creating beautiful chaos as Christ becomes the head of a group of people who in turn begin to work to overcome the forces of normal.

Walk-Along-Side Projects

SLI’s work is built off of a core process that incorporates the covenant-based Loving, Learning, and Leading (L3) framework to create a transformative environment which allows the work of the Spirit to flourish. It also gives spiritual leaders the tools to help their ministry stay on track. Once new teamwork begins to function then the current context is assessed, the focus is clarified, and the team begins to build systems and strategies to facilitate the journey towards generative ministry. The SLI process takes ministries right where they are, clears away obstacles to the Spirit’s work, and helps called Spiritual Leaders faithfully journey together improving with each month and year that goes by. You will find in this section of our web site two basic things.  The first is how we have taken our core process and applied it to different contexts.  We have worked with:
  • Small and large churches
  • Judicatories and church networks
  • Colleges, seminaries, and universities
  • Para-church organizations
  • Business leaders and secular organizations that wish to lead from a Spiritual Leadership perspective
  • Rural, urban, and international cultures
The second thing you will find is that we have built our organization around the idea that long term relationships are the backbone for healthy growth. Getting Started If you are just getting to know us and would like to enter into a self directed learning curriculum, you will find a guide that allows you to lead a group of people through a Spiritual Leadership discovery process Level One Projects When your ministry is ready to start a journey with an SLI coach facilitating, phase one projects are meant to help you determine the best method for starting a project in your context Level Two Projects If you have been apart of an SLI project in the past, or if you are finishing a Phase One project now, then Phase Two projects have been designed to put in place a continual development process that builds upon the learning in our Phase One Projects.  These projects are designed to help your organizations move into cadence of accountable continual improvement. Level Three Projects Once your organization has an accountable system for moving forward ad you are hoping to interact and experiment with other ministries to optimize learning and relationships that help Partnerships SLI is building partnerships with organizations whom we have developed strong relationships with, hoping to add to our ability to effectively go wherever God leads us.  SLI is discerning how to optimize our ability to give away what we are learning in ways that promote health and unity within the Body of Christ.
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