A Fresh Expression

May 20, 2015

Fresh Expressions is an initiative to generate new expressions of Christian community for those who are not yet members of any church.

We equip lay people to start these expressions among the many segments, neighborhoods, and people groups of society.

The Fresh Expressions initiative was born in the UK in response to the difficulty in reaching post-Christian culture. The UK team worked at the grassroots level with dioceses, districts, synods, and groups of churches and produced a report of their findings. The Mission-Shaped Ministry Report has played a leading role in the formation of national policy in a number of denominations. The initiative has resulted in hundreds of new congregations being formed alongside more traditional churches.

We hope the Fresh Expressions initiative sparks a similar revitalization in the Church throughout the US.

Fresh Expressions offers:

  • Training and Events
  • Resources
  • National Gatherings
  • Blogs
  • Stories
Leadership Development