Almost Christian - Book Review

May 4, 2015

Almost Christianalmost christian

Book Review

Any youth worker who has invested in the lives of teenagers has questioned if their efforts have had a sustainable impact in helping teens name, claim, and live out their faith beyond graduation. The answer to that question for many of us is probably not. The hope for all of us is that change can happen. Supported by the staggering results from the National Study of Youth and Religion, Almost Christian provides crucial insight into how youth workers - and the church at large - must realize the role we've played in raising an apathetic and benign generation, and critically refocus our efforts in order to help teens sustain a meaningful and transformative faith. Though at times the book can feel dense with facts, and figures, the reader is rewarded by wading through the terminology to find very real and relevant truths essential for anyone involved in youth ministry. This is a must-read for any youth worker today!

Sara Clark, Youth Director - First United Methodist Church, Belmont, NC Find Almost Christian on here.
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