January 5, 2015

Plowpoint is a non-profit ministry that has served over 800 churches and thousands of church leaders across geographic and denominational lines.

Longing to Belong: Conflict Transformation is a Biblical process designed to equip congregations to navigate through various stages of life and ministry including the inevitable conflict. Conflict, or Storming, is natural, inevitable, and essential to our life and ministry together. However, many believers and congregations do not know how to navigate safely through these Storms in ways that will strengthen, and not destroy, our relationships and ministry. Untitled The signature ministry of Plowpoint, 

Longing to Belong, is based on the book, Longing to Belong: Learning to Relate as the Body of Christ by Beth Crissman.

This book, in its third printing and second edition, is a Plowpoint best-seller. Churches across the United States and literally around the world are using it to teach congregations the healthy way to transform conflict. Plowpoint offers congregations a model for transforming conflict through a distinct process.
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