The Snail's Pace Retreat Center

December 09, 2014

The Snail's Pace ministry is Christian—and ecumenical.  It is not a conference center, but rather a place for spiritual rest and renewal. 

The Snail's Pace Mission is:
  • To provide a loving, beautiful retreat in which to receive people who need the healing presence of Jesus Christ in a peaceful environment;
  • To be a safe haven of rest, community, and refreshment where the scriptures are shared, the gospel is lived and people are loved, accepted, and offered spiritual guidance;
  • To use this home for ecumenical retreat and seminars in the name of Jesus Christ;
  • To be available to those with spiritual need, regardless of financial circumstances.
The staff is trained in spiritual direction and is available to guests during their retreat for conversation and prayer regarding matters of faith and spirituality.  The “program” is centered around meal-times, prayer together, and plenty of quiet time with the Lord. ph:  (828)-749-3851
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